Woodlands Memorial: Redefining Funeral Parlours with Comfort and Elegance

Woodlands Memorial, the newest funeral parlour in Singapore, is breaking the traditional mold with its modern and sophisticated design. From the moment you arrive, the exterior’s posh appearance challenges the conventional image of a funeral parlour. Step inside, and you’ll find a space that resembles a luxury hotel rather than a typical funeral home. With its thoughtful amenities and comfortable accommodations, Woodlands Memorial offers a unique experience for families to grieve and find solace during their time of loss.

An Upscale Oasis for Grief and Healing:

Woodlands Memorial sets itself apart with its exquisite facilities. On the first level, a drop-off area reminiscent of a hotel entrance welcomes visitors. Two lobbies, complete with air-conditioning and plush sofas, provide a serene environment as guests make their way to the funeral wake rooms. Each en suite wake hall comes with an attached toilet and bedroom, offering bereaved families a place to rest and rejuvenate throughout the day. The bedrooms are furnished with comfortable beds, and bedsheets can be changed upon request. This sanctuary-like setting allows families to find their own time and space to manage their emotions while grieving.

A Remarkable Venue:

Woodlands Memorial boasts an impressive 14 funeral wake halls, making it the largest funeral parlour in Singapore in terms of the number of wake halls available. The building also houses an embalming room and several family rooms for the washing of the deceased. While the construction of a columbarium is still in progress, two levels of the building will be dedicated to housing ashes in the future.

Convenient Location and Amenities:

Located at 7 Woodlands Industrial Park E8, Singapore 758969, Woodlands Memorial is easily accessible by bus (169) and is near the Woodlands/Admiralty MRT station. The funeral parlour operates 24 hours a day, providing round-the-clock support to families during their time of need. Each funeral wake room is equipped with digital TV monitors, offering a personalized and comforting atmosphere. Additionally, the pantry offers a free flow of drinks during this promotional period, ensuring the well-being and comfort of all guests.

Considerations and Pricing:

While Woodlands Memorial offers exceptional facilities and services, it’s important to note a few considerations. The starting price for funeral wake rooms is higher compared to other venues, and the location may be somewhat inaccessible for some. As it is situated in an industrial area, transportation arrangements should be considered when planning for guests.

A Reflection of Changing Perspectives:

The existence of Woodlands Memorial, a funeral parlour that defies expectations, reflects Singapore’s progressive society in reducing the stigma surrounding death and funerals. It represents a positive shift in our collective mindset and demonstrates the importance of honoring loved ones in an environment that promotes comfort, dignity, and healing.

Woodlands Memorial stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of funeral parlours in Singapore. Its luxurious and serene ambiance, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities, offers families a comfortable space to navigate the grieving process. If you are seeking a venue that goes beyond convention and provides an elevated experience for your loved one’s farewell, Woodlands Memorial is a compelling option worth considering. Embrace this new era of funeral parlours that prioritize comfort, elegance, and healing.


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