Funeral Services

We will provide professional arrangements and advice on the details of the funeral ceremony for every religion. These includes floral arrangements, funeral ceremonies, customized decorations, assistance in arranging receptions, provision of professional staff, funeral attire etc.

This will ensure a dignified and proper departure for your loved ones regardless of religion or race.

  • Floral Arrangements/Wreaths – Fresh flowers arrangements and wreaths at funeral wakes. Customized floral arrangements available upon request
  • Catering Services – Vast variety of food for selection with the choice of buffet reception or on-site cooking for the Funeral Ceremony
  • Rental services of tents, toilets, tables and chairs – Setting up of tentage, table and chairs rental is available for both HDB and private housing. For VIP tentage setup, it can be arranged at an additional cost. Mobile toilets with shower facilities are available as well.
  • Provision of Glass Hearse – A few selection of Hearse if available upon request. Our funeral packages is inclusive of the usage of a normal Glass Hearse.

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