Checklist for Funeral Arrangements

  • Contact our 24 hours hotline at +65 8614 1313 and our funeral planners will get in touch with you.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD).
  • Our Funeral Director will discuss the preferred funeral arrangements with the family.
  • Bring the CCOD and IC of deceased’s and any next of kin’s to any Police Station to obtain the death certificate.
  • The deceased will be send for embalming which includes cleaning, changing and makeup. Do prepare one full set of deceased’s clean clothing.
  • According to your preference for venue for cremation of burial, we will proceed to book the cremation time/burial plot.
  • Apply for void deck usage permit from the respective Town Council, alternatively there are other venues for lease for the funeral.
  • Go to the Funeral Memorial Site for funeral service preparations.

We understand that the families may be overwhelmed or unfamiliar with these procedures, our friendly funeral planners will guide you along the way may you face any problems.


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